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In the framework of the exhibition 'Take on me, take me on' at the Van Abbe Museum Orgacom realised a project in the old part of the museum. The main quest of this Orgacom project calls for the meaningfulness generated by museum visitors. Since postmodern thought puts forth the artistic meaningfully via the person involved: his knowledge, experience and believe/convictions, in exchange with others. Orgacom departs from the presumption that artistic practices that derive from the meaningful interaction amongst visitors bring forth more artistic meaningfulness.

In-take: October 17-23
An Orgacom project starts with a series of interviews, in which members of a specific group take part. Teike Asselbergs and Elias Tieleman ask museum visitors to contribute to this project by filling in a short questionnaire and to decide on a place where their questionnaire will be hanged. On the questionnaire they glue a portrait picture that is taken on the spot. The photo is taken in front of one of 6 wallpapers that can be chosen by the visitor. This phase was executed on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th October. Visitors were not informed about details concerning the next steps of the project.

Observation: October 19-22
Orgacom observes how people, visitors, fill in the forms: alone or together and the topics they discussed while they answer to the questions. The yellow dots on the floor are observations. These dots designate the places where people stop to look at other people's forms on the wall. They display how much attention is being paid at that specific location in the exhibition space. As well, visitors were asked to put red dots (20th and 21st of October) as well as yellow ones (22nd) next to those forms they consider meaningful. Since visitors also respond to these dots, they respond to analytically to their behaviour as a group. Numerous questions arise: what draws attention and what can be considered meaningful?

Analyse 21-22
The visitors were asked what they'd consider to be a meaningful order of contributions. On the night of the 22nd, Thursday, the answers have been taken in careful consideration and were counter on similarities. Orgacom accordingly divided these into four principles of order: Those based on visual/visual properties, those on the basis of content-wise, textual similarities, those that bridge relations between the various contributions and those who are very much subjectively oriented. Orgacom this specifically targets this last group of subjective oriented people.

Synthesis October 23-25
October 23, Orgacom created proposals for artworks, presented to the public on yellow posters, displayed in their studio at the museum. Each proposal targets another subcategory as defined by Orgacom. For example: for kids and their parents, Orgacom created a proposal for a new type of memory game. The images on the visible surface are differing although visible. The name of the visitor for whom this specific image has specific meaning is written on the back of the card, twice.

Starting October 24, visitors were invited to vote for the work of their preferance.

Freek Lomme en Hadas Zemer curated the exhibition 'Take on me, take me on'. Other participating artists groups were: Metahaven, Conditional Design and Acclair.

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Show oneself 4
Flipping 3
Diptych of meaning 7
Age line 4
Visitors pattern 1
Subjectic 6
Memory cards 5
Visitors panorama 2
Nothing 6

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