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Social Dialogue

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Du Dialogue Social
April 25 - July 5, 2008

Du dialogue social, by art gallery riesa efau in Dresdan is focussing on the social dialogue in the society by a programme of discussions, lectures, an exhibition, films, workshops and symposia. How is this dialogue being conducted? What is it all about? Who is going to conduct it and how? What chances and problems are connected with it? And how does the artist figure in this dialogue? This project will ask for his or her possibilities and limits to influence society. Also contributions of other Dresden organizers have been included in the programme to show examples for further dialogues and its places.
"Du Dialogue Social" is part of the European network-project "Land of Human Rights" and will be pursued in autumn by "Monster" a project on the topic of exclusion and segregation in society.

Those artists have been invited who exemplary have taken up or created different dialogues and its real or hypothetical forms. It has been involved, as well, questions on the relationship between artistic visualization and real interventions by artists as citizens. Additionally, in the Motorenhalle you can see and discuss contributions of the survey on the present situation of the social dialogue in our society.

Curator: Frank Eckhardt
Participating artists: 3Fala (Bielsko-Biala/PL), The Yes Men (New York), Orgacom (Amsterdam), Jiøí Èernický (Prague), Armin Chodzinski (Hamburg), Susan Donath (Dresden), Roman Dziadkiewicz (Krakow), Marcelo Expósito (Barcelona), Emilio Ganot (Salzburg), Thilo Hoffmann (Zurich), Reinigungsgesellschaft (Dresden), Local Access (Paris), Domenico Mangano (Palermo), Rupprecht Matthies (Hamburg), Tozer Pak (Hongkong), Oliver Ressler (Vienna), Isa Rosenberger (Vienna), Wilhelm Sasnal (Krakow), Enno Schmidt (Frankfurt/Main), TRANZITDISPLAY (Prague), Nasan Tur (Berlin), Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas (Vilnius), Karen Weinert (Dresden) & Susanne Hanus (Dresden/Munich) & Nadine Reschke (Berlin), Artur ¯mijewski (Warsaw)

Saturday April 26 10.00 Motorenhalle

Workshop Du Dialogue Social
The curators of the European network Land of Human Rights and a large part of the artists involved in the exhibition Du Dialogue Social will deal with questions and aspects of artistic influence in society inside a 3-hours workshop. This workshop will be open to all interested to take part and held in the English language.

Participating Curators
Nikolett Eröss (TRAFO, Budapest), Alenka Gregoric (Skuc Gallery Ljubljana), Hristina Ivanoska (Press to Exit Projekt Space Skopje), Michal Kolecek (Univerzity Jana Evangelisty Purkyne, Faculty of Art and Design, Ústí nad Labem), Anton Lederer + Margarethe Makovec (< rotor > association for contemporary art, Graz), Antonia Majaca + Miroslav Kraljevic (G-MK Galerija, Zagreb), Frank Eckhardt (riesa efau. Forum für Kunst und Gesellschaft, Dresden)

Saturday April 26 14.00 Motorenhalle

Symposium News. Stories. Stagings.
On the role of contemporary art in social dialogue
Entrance: free

14.00 Introduction
Frank Eckhardt (Curator Du Dialogue Social, riesa efau, Dresden)

14.15 Lecture and Discussion
The Will for Visibility
Rupprecht Matthies (Artist, Hamburg)
Where can you find the will for visibility? How autonomous does art is? How willing to represent can a society be? And does presence is checkable? Often art carries out simple and easy displacements of reality; do not induce these great demands an avoidance of statements and disappearance of art?

15.15 Dialogue
Dr. Wolfgang Zinggl (Cultural scientist / Member of the artists group WochenKlausur, Vienna) + Konstantin Adamopoulos (Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft/Curator of the Bronnbacher Stipendium at the University of Mannheim, Cologne)

16.30 Lecture and Discussion
Autonomy and social ties Conditions of working and living culture
Prof. Dr. Peter Richter (Psychologist, Dresden)
Our shortened understanding of work is increasingly applying the principle of division of labour at the intellectual labour, as well. But this economization of the social and emotional destroys this essential putty of the society. In between even the precarious situations of artists professions are idealized as a living model. It will be important to create an advanced understanding of socially necessary activities and cultural work will have a crucial role there.

17.30 Dialogue
Enno Schmidt (Artist, Frankfurt/Main) + Lillian Fellmann (Curator, Zurich)

18.45 Lecture
I can see what you ca not see Reflections on the dialogue ability of art
Thomas Trummer (Project mananger visual art/Siemens Arts Program, Munich)
Insight is a psychological term, opinion a political, indulgence an ethical. But where are the arts, which shall help to discern, after all?

20.00 Final Panel with:
Moderator / Patron of the project: Prof. Dr. Karl-Siegbert Rehberg (Sociologist, Dresden),
Ralph Lindner (Culture Foundation of Saxony, Dresden), Margarethe Makovec (Artistic Manager < rotor >, Graz), Thilo Hoffmann (Artist, Zurich), Susan Donath (Artist, Dresden)

Sunday April 279.30

Meeting point at riesa efau: Art in social dialogue
Topical guided city tour by Igeltour
A walk from riesa efau to the Church of Our Lady is looking for tracks by artists referring to the social dialogue in Dresden.
Participation: free

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