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Mogelijke kunstwerelden

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"Mogelijke kunstwerelden> Strategische Planning Tentoonstelling"

Kunstwerelden - wat zijn dat eigenlijk? Wat maakt een kunstwereld meer of minder mogelijk?

'Zie de resultaten van 4 dagen waarin 20 kunstenaars uit 10 verschillende landen met elkaar in gesprek waren over dit onderwerp.

Tentoonstelling: 18-Sept tot 31-October-2006
BASEKAMP openingstijden: Dinsdag en Donderdag;4.00 - 7.00 PM
Zaterdags; 1.00 - 4.00 PM
Locatie: Basekamp space (723 Chestnut Street, 2nd Floor,
Philadelphia, usa)

Deelmende kunstenaars:
A Constructed World (Torino, Italy / Melbourne, Australia)
Basekamp (Philadelphia, USA)
Center for getting Ugly (Tampa, USA)
C.cred (London, UK / Malmö, Sweden)
Democratic Innovation (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Institute for Advanced Architecture (NYC/Chicago/LA, USA)
Orgacom (Amsterdam, Netherlands / Istanbul, Turkey)
Pond (San Francisco, USA)
Temporary Services (Chicago, USA)
Trinity Session (Johannesburg, South Africa)
What, How and for Whom [WHW] (Zagreb, Croatia)

Tentoonstellingconcept en Amerikaans persbericht:
Recently, Liaisons from 10 selected local and international
collaborative art groups have 'camped-out' at the BASEKAMP space in Philadelphia, during a 4-day Strategic Planning Weekend for "Plausible Artworlds", the large-scale international convention and exhibition project envisioned to be hosted in Philadelphia during 2007.

The Strategic Planning Weekend was constructed as an experimental conference centre, with useful and disruptive interfaces developed by the artists to aid in the meeting and planning process. Intensive planning sessions detailing modes of practices and collaborative research were held at BASEKAMP, and at various other outdoor and indoor public spaces in Philadelphia. This exhibition, on view for 6
weeks, is a chance for visitors to get a sense of what went on during the big weekend here, and to add to the discussion if they choose.

The planning group will continue to meet online after the hosted weekend in Philadelphia, using an evolving website to contribute discussion and planning This team, in communication with other groups, will continue to further develop plans for the future of the "Plausible Artworlds > Convention and
Exhibition" planned for 2007.

CONTACT: +1-215-206-8176 /

Financial support generously provided by the Philadelphia Exhibitions Initiative. Organized in part with
For a schedule of events or additional press information please call or send inquiries to: - (215) 592-7288
BASEKAMP is a non commercial studio and exhibition space whose primary focus is to participate in the creation, facilitation and promotion of large scale collaborative projects by contemporary artists.

Philadelphia is an example of a city whose art-world is currently in the process of self-definition. We have seen this as an opportunity to use the city as a home base to invite domestic and international collaborative groups in a joint experiment to develop new models of relations within overlapping art communities.