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Why should my organisation commission Orgacom?

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  • Your organisation and organizational (or groups) culture is the subject of the art work;

  • input of employees is an integral part of the design process, which generates trust and participation;

  • the artworks are conceptualised and produced by professionals;

  • you save time and debates in the MT because a briefing is not necessary. Orgacom's working method renders the conditions in which the artwork has to function or in which it is meaningful;

  • realized projects are not only viewed by the participating organization, but, whenever possible, are presented in exhibitions, museums, and art events;

  • Orgacom also presents the life worlds of organisations to people that are not part of that life world. In this way Orgacom sets out to foster a more nuanced view with regards to organisations;

  • Orgacom is widely experienced in working with organisations ranging from small non-profit organisations to multinationals;

  • Orgacom delivers tailor-made art in the sense that we make our art as challenging as possible and at the same time strive for acceptance and understanding by the specific audience inside the organisation;

  • As might be concluded from the above mentioned arguments, Orgacom is able to deal with unclear situations that demand attention for the type of issues that cannot be 'solved' (like emotions, communication problems, atmosphere, group dynamics, change, existantial questions and cultural diversity).

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