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The city of Barendrecht, commissioned Orgacom to realize an art work in the dictrict Gaatkensoog in connection with their masterplan 'Het Elastisch Perspectief'. The district is surrounded by water. The street names and details of buildings make frequent reference to the Dutch Wadden shallows. There is even a row of new residences that look exactly like lighthouses. Many people that live on the island have affinity with water. A majority of the residents are commuters. There is one bridge to and from the island. One art proposal by Orgacom was to transform the bridge to make it look like a ferry. Well known Dutch poet Drs. P has given his approval to carve out an exerpt from one of his most popular poems: 'to and fro', onto a wooden board and add it to the ferry-bridge.

Drs.P has send us this text in English which is not a translation, but a text in the same vein as the poem dealing with the same subjectmatter.

The Ferryman

I'm standing by the riverside, and realise it's true
That rivers haven't just one side, they have exactly two
And since I am a ferryman I think I'm qualified
To say the near side's here, and over there's the other side
The ferryboat I'm boarding now incorporates a scheme
To carry folks from side to side across this mighty stream
And consequently, all day long, in rain and sleet and snow
I'm going to and fro, which is the only way I know
To and fro (4x)
Now if this river were no wider than my boat is long
It sure would save a lot of trouble, but it would be wrong
It wouldn't just be wrong, it would be ill-advised indeed
Because the other vessels couldn't possibly proceed
That being so, the river is conveniently wide
In order that the ferry may be cleared on either side
And thus we see the traffic passing in a steady flow
That's what a river's for and, by the way, my name is Joe
To and fro (4x)
With danger, strife and irritation lurking everywhere
A ferryman is pretty often driven to despair
There will be gales and thunderstorms and filthy-mannered birds
At which, on looking up, I shake my first and holler words
Beneath me, I see rocks and wrecks and shoals and all the rest
To each of which a hearty word or two must be addressed
And while my words fly up and down, my thoughts remain below
I think of this here ferry with a bitter ho ho ho
To and fro etc.