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Living from a suitcase

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During the exhibition 'Life from a suitcase' which takes place between 8 september and 11 november in the Gorcums Museum, Orgacom shows her work 'carry-on-economy'. Artists travel a lot and from their travels bring, or take with them, goods that are cheaper or better available in the countries they travel from. Orgacom mapped what goods get good returns, either in money or in goodwill, thus creating an alternative economy out of them. A series of karton boxes with suitcase print are made in the maximum dimensions of carry-on-luggage for each airline represented by their logo. At the back of each box there is a text of an artist with from which country he or she took certain goods and why.

For example:
"From New York, USA to Istanbul, Turkey by Turkish Airlines. You are allowed to carry only one carry-on bag on board. Its dimensions must be 20x40x60 cm and must weigh max. 8kg.

> Did you bring goods from one country to another?
I can tell you what I normally buy - art books and art supplies, paper, special glues, paint, metal accessories for production etc. brand names I cannot find here, perfume form duty free shop and face cream, special teas, liquor, anything which is much cheaper sold on Canal street in New York. They are all available here but nearly half price over there - same items. Italian and French cheeses are much cheaper. special sauces for cooking ...
CRAZY isn't it?"

In commission of the Gorcums Museum and Artoteek Gorinchem Piet Augustijn and Jack van Mildert developped the exhibition Living from a suitcase.

Teike Asselbergs en Elias Tieleman / Orgacom, Theo Berlie, Marijke Bongers, Bonhansa, Fred Bontje, Fransje Booij, Alwin Bootsma, Wim Buitendijk, Lon Buttstedt, Ro van Doesburg, Peronne van den Driessche, Moritz Ebinger, Martijn Engelbregt / EGBG, Pauline Fokkelman, Arie Huisman, Jacolien de Jong, Joke van Kerkwijk, Rosanne van Klaveren, Susan de Kruiff, Kunstneefjes, Aart Lagewaard, Karen Lancel en Hermen Maat, Heidi Linck, Annechien Meier, Andries Micke en Denis Oudendijk / 75+N.A.P., Chris Mudde, Ali M’Roivili, Adriaan Nette, Renée Reijnders, PJ Roggeband, Wim Schermer, Monica Schokkenbroek, Beatrijs Schweitzer, Petra Slager, Marjorie Slooff en Merel Holleboom, Starik, Rob Veenendaal, Niek Verschoor en Marcel Doorduin / Dutch Airborne Art Rangers, Mariëlle Videler, Elaine Vis & Riek Westerhof.

Gorcums Museum/ Artoteek Gorinchem, Grote Markt 17 4201 EB Gorinchem