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This Orgacom art project with the 10.000 shops and workshops, making and selling ectrical items and lamps, is part of the second Galata Visibility project by experimental theatre Galata Perform in Istanbul. The winning plan was made public during the opening party Saturday 7 October at Galata Perform. The winner was the proposal to collect tips for future light or electrical designers from the shops and workshops and suprisingly second was Urban Spotlight.

- During a half a day workshop tourists (Turkish or foreign) make their own lamp using existing parts. The host shop or producer gets paid.
- Every shop gives one tip for future light professionals that will be illustrated by drawings. All tips together will be printed as a book.
- I will make subjective family-tree of current and previous shops and their owners. It will focus on the changes or stability of each location.
- An anonymous group of artists and/or activists called Urban spotlight will use spotlights to highlight parts of the city they think deserve special attention.
- A map tracking all locations where one Chinese lamp is being produced is overlapping a map showing all locations one Turkish lamp is coming from.
- Using video, Turkish shopkeepers, salespeople and producers ask questions to their Chinese colleagues, who will see these questions and ask questions back.
- Using descriptions of the ideal light shop I will make a scale model complete with imaginary brands, marketing and new customer types of the ideal shop.
- Ordinary people are asked to draw the living room floor-plan of their youth from memory. They can also draw where the lights were. This collection of drawings in printed in a book.
- A shadow-play about a guy who starts a light shop is played for tourists in the display windows of several light shops, for one day, starting every 2 hours.
- I will collect photos of previous and current places and people working in the electricity or lamp industries and make an artwork with these.