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The Blue House

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Following Ella Gibbs' (artist, lives and works in London) project 'Spare Time Job Centre', and Orgacom's project concerning temporary job centres for artists as creative advisors ('Randstad Pilot' and 'Art Works') these artists plan to collaborate on a shared project for IJburg. Based on the outcomes of a postcode check at the local Chamber of Commerce Orgacom and Ella Gibbs start in May 2006 with their joint project focussing on the huge number of organisations based in IJburg. These one person and small businesses, although numerous on paper, are still mostly invisible for visitors and inhabitants of IJburg. Equally Ella and Orgacom focus on the ways in which working and living merge into each other in the case of home offices and on the frictions that exist in the grey area between work and private life. The forms in which the findings are expressed include a comparison between the planning of the island IJburg (man-made and claimed from the water) and the individual planning of life and work by its inhabitants.

Starting May 21st Orgacom researches how one person businesses - with a home office - experience the shifts from work-time to private-time and back again. Orgacom seeks entrepreneurs located in IJburg that like to see their experiences into an art project or work. As a result of interviews held in houses or offices in the neighbourhood, Orgacom realises several art proposals. All IJburg entrepreneurs can vote on those proposals. Possibly one or more of the winning proposals will be executed.

With the support of Orgacom Houses of Art ( organises an exhibition of art works made by various artists during the weekend of May 20th and 21st. The small organisation of Houses of Art is considering to open an office in IJburg itself and hopes to talk to others that already did and debate how they can contribute to the art environment in IJburg.

» Case study report on The Blue House in Amsterdam by Paul O' Neill